Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday Memories

This is a piciture I took of Dylan from last year. Credits: Candied Christmas Kit by Scrap it Designs by Brianna Cox. Journaling: Our Holiday Memories are filled with traditions for as long back as I can remember. Some were created in the past, from family and friends before us, some in the present, also we look forward to new traditions in the future. With each passing year we continue to add more wonderful traditions of our own. Our holiday traditions begin as early as the day after Thanksgiving, which is known my many as Black Friday. We look forward to getting up early, heading out shopping to try to catch some great bargains. The weekend following is traditionally when we hang up our outdoors Christmas Lights and head out to Moore's Christmas Tree Farm to spend hours finding just the perfect Family Christmas Tree. We then head home for some candy canes and hot cocoa before we break out all of the Christmas Decorations and enjoy the time together as a Family decorating the tree. Over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas we enjoy spending time together with Family and Friends gathering at Christmas parties, taking tons of photos, singing carols, making cookies, shopping, wrapping of presents, counting the days on our advent calendars, and remembering to always make time to give the biggest gift of all the gift of charity to others by ringing the salvation army bell and gathering warm clothing and food for those in need. Before we know it Christmas Eve is upon us. Just then we try to slow down a bit and enjoy our time together watching a Christmas movie, enjoying the beautifully lit and decorated Christmas tree as I read a Christmas story to Dylan. We then hang our stocking by the tree, put out milk and cookies along with Dylan's letter written to Santa. Tuck him tightly into his bed, kisses and hugs and a prayer to sleep he goes. As dawn breaks on Christmas Morning everyone jumps out of bed and rushes to the tree to see what has been left. Taking our time enjoying the time together as we are opening each present and realizing the best gift is the one we hold true to ourselves and in our hearts, the gift of Family! Usually there a bit of wrapping paper flying through the air and some clean up while snacking on M&M candies, Carl is putting together one of Dylan's new toys, Dylan is giving our animals their gifts while Mom is making breakfast. With the passing of each year I feel ever blessed with all that we have in life not only at Christmas time but all year through. God Bless Everyone not only for this holiday season but for those to come!

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