Sunday, October 26, 2008

100 Things to get you started with Journaling/Blogging

Prompts to get you started with journaling/blogging
1. Things I’m Grateful For2. Ways I Could Nurture Myself3. Ways I Sabotage Myself4. Things I’m Good At5. Things I Like About Myself6. Questions I Want Answers7. Ways To Improve My Life8. Things I’ve Accomplished In My Life9. Things I’m Feeling Stressed About10. Things I’d Do If I Had Time11. Things I Need Or Want To Do12. Things I Want To Accomplish In The Next X Months13. Things To Do Before I Die14. Things That Are Going Right15. Things That Are Going Wrong16. Reasons I Want To Stay Married/Committed17. Reasons I Don’t Want To Stay Married/Committed18. Things I Want In A Relationship19. Things I Have To Offer To A Partner/Relationship20. Fears I Am Having Right Now21. Things That Once Scared Me But Don’t Anymore22. Reasons To Save Money23. Things I Miss24. Sacrifices I Have Made25. Marketing Ideas For My Business26. Ways I Can Make Money27. Ways To Make A Difference28. Jobs/Careers I’d Like To Have29. Fears About Being A Multimillionaire30. Things I Believe In31. Achievements (Qualities) I Am Proud Of32. Things I Value In Life33. Ways I Help Others34. Things That Turn Me On35. Things That Turn Me Off36. Judgments I Make37. Things I Find Hard To Share38. Things I’m Disappointed About39. Things I’m Angry About40. Things I’m Sad About41. Things [Peoples, Places] I Love42. Things To Do When I’m Depressed43. Things To Do When I’m Alone44. Rules I Have Broken45. Skills I Have46. Feelings I Am Having Right Now47. Childhood Memories48. Things My Parents Used To Say To Me49. Ways In Which I’m Generous50. Ways To Be More Productive51. Things I Hate52. Things I Want53. Places I’d Like To Visit54. Things I’d Like Someone To Tell Me55. Things I’d Like To Hear56. Things I’d Like To Tell My Child57. Things I Want My Child To Know About Me58. Reasons To Have A Baby59. Reasons Not To Have A Baby60. Adjectives Describing Myself61. Decisions Other Have Made For Me62. Decisions I Made That Turned Out Well63. Things I’d Do If I Had Six Months To Live64. Expectations Other Have Of Me65. Expectations I Have Of Myself66. Judgments I Haven’t Released67. Ways To Be More Creative68. Things I Could Carry In My Pocket69. Things I’d Save If My House Were On Fire70. Things I Want To Tell My Mother [Father]71. Things I’d Never Tell My Mother [Father]72. Financial Fears73. Excuses I Make For Myself74. Things I Need/Want To Control75. Fears I Have About Giving Up Control76. Answered Prayers77. People I’d Like To Meet78 Reasons Why I Get Jealous79. People I Admire80. Tasks I’ve Been Procrastinating81. Memories From My Past82. Things That Nourish Me83. Things I Haven’t Finished84. Things I’m Glad I’ve Done85. Things I’ll Never Do Again86. Ways To Generate Income87. Principles To Live By88. People I Want To Forgive89. People I Want To Forgive Me90. Things To Forgive Myself For91. Mistakes I Have Made92. Lessons I Have Learned93. Ways To Be Healthier94. Things That Make Me Cry95. Things That Make Me Laugh96. Things I’d Delegate97. Thing I Want For My Birthday98. Possessions I’m Tired Of Owning99. Responsibilities That I’d Like To Avoid100.Things To Write A List About

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